About the Business

Never has there been a more perfectly shaped province!
We make Saskatchewan shaped cushions for your home that feature your hometown, no matter how small it is.
Each cushion is handmade in Eatonia,SK

Catherine Higginbotham

I live on a farm in Eatonia, SK where I make Saskatchewan shaped cushions which I customize to highlight any chosen town or land location. I started my company Saskatchcushion when I was 36 weeks pregnant with my second child, back in 2014. I knew that I needed something to occupy my evenings and I needed the joy that came from creating something. I had always loved sewing and I love small-town Saskatchewan so it made sense to create something that combined the two. The front of the cushion shows a basic map of the province and the back of the cushion features a list of all the communities in the province. Up to five locations can be added to the map for no extra charge, making your chosen town(s) the outstanding place in the province. Since then I have added British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta and Manitoba to my pillow portfolio and Saskatchcushions now come in various sizes and perform many different pillow related functions.