About the Business

Social Enterprise

Stacey Schwartz

Ethically sourced and handcrafted concrete candles and home decor. Selāh is inspired by the countless victims and survivors of human trafficking – the grit and grace of the women we have met who have walked through the fire and continue to rise. And lastly, it is inspired by YOU – the one who wants to help make a difference, but maybe doesn’t know where to start. Selāh is an invitation to support Canadian based anti-trafficking efforts through the act of making a socially conscious purchase. Made with Purpose: We dedicate 10% of all profits to empower survivors of human trafficking in Canada through the Survivor Support Fund. All ingredients used are ethically made and sourced through North American producers who honour human dignity in all they do. For every $100 we spend in buying the ingredients to make our candles, a tree is planted with Trees For The Future. After you enjoy your candle, reuse your handmade vessel to plant your wildflower seed paper. The wildflower seeds are native flora to the Prairies. A symbol of growth and rebirth for those who have walked through the fire; honouring each victim and survivor of human trafficking.