About the Business

Let us make your child’s sleepover a memorable one!
Serving Saskatoon, Regina, and surrounding areas.

Jennifer Sadoway

Jennifer Sadoway is a maker Mom with a love of all things holidays! She is a Home Ec. teacher who is passionate about family, travel, and of course, Birthdays. She loves going all out for her son and daughter. The way she sees it, we have such a short time with our kiddos where their birthday parties are still magical events. Before we know it they’ll be “too old for that” and requesting parent-free hang-outs with their buds. Each year, Emeri and Jett, challenge her creativity with their party requests. In 2020, her daughter requested a “Slumber Party” themed birthday. They’ve hosted a ton of sleep over’s the past couple years – both indoor and outdoor. She was scouring the internet for cool slumber party ideas when she came upon these slumber tents and thought WOW! HOW FUN! My kids would love this! But unfortunately there was no one in the area who rented them out. So like any crafty Mom she made some!! Four tents turned into twenty five and a booming small business. She is- excited to make the tents and party fun happen not just for her daughter and her friends, but for your littles too! Slumber Party YXE has helped hundreds of families make magic in the comfort of their own home. While the business is located in Saskatoon the tents have made their way to many communities across Saskatchewan.