About the Business

Hey we are Steph and Kristin! We started SMPL Protein because we felt the health and fitness industry was focusing on all the wrong reasons to nourish your body. Our goal is to put good natural ingredients into the body to live a feel better lifestyle! We are made up of a few natural ingredients that are rich in protein, fibre, antioxidants and magnesium! SMPL Protein is proud to be vegan, and gluten free!

Stephanie & Kristin

We’re Stephanie & Kristin. Two Canadian moms that have created a new healthy protein powder for people that want more natural ingredients in their life. Why we exist is simple. We solved a problem that’s been bugging us for years. Stephanie loves a good protein smoothie for breakfast in the morning, or after a workout, but her skin can’t handle all of the artificial ingredients that are commonly found in protein powders. Every different protein powder she tried would cause acne. Stephanie partnered with her friend Kristin, who has education in advanced sports and exercise, along with being a certificate in nutritional advisory. Together, they set out to create a natural protein powder that fits a healthy lifestyle and doesn’t impact sensitive skin.

Stephanie’s been using this protein powder now for over a year, and the results have been remarkable!

Sure, there’s a downside in that you need to store the protein powder in your fridge. Honestly, we don’t see that as a downside. It’s crazy to us that so many people create these wonderful smoothies with fresh fruit, healthy milk alternatives, organic vegetables, and then dump a scoop of unnatural protein powder into it.

Just think about it, almost everything you put into your smoothie will expire in the next couple weeks, but not your protein powder! You can just sit that tub on the shelf and it’ll be good for another year and a half!

How the heck does that add up?

Our product is all-natural, and will last 3 months in your fridge.

If you have the same problem of skin irritations from other protein powders, or generally just want your smoothies to have healthier ingredients, we hope you give this product a try. If you have the same wonderful impact that we’ve had, we’d greatly appreciate hearing about it!

Lastly, we’re ecommerce newbies. If you have any suggestions we’d be thrilled to hear about it!