Studio Sixty Six

Hair & Esthetics & Tattooing

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2-1104 Central Avenue

Saskatoon, SK  S7N 2H1

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About the Business

Woman owned business trying to change the way society views us in the workforce. Be your own boss and work in a space with like minded individuals with genuine love, respect and compassion for yourself, others and your career.

Natasha Stokalko

I’ve been in the beauty industry for 15 years, and after many years of working for employers who mistreat employees in the workforce, I knew it was time to change that. “Self belief and hard work will always earn you success” I never saw myself as a business owner until the pandemic hit and I realized I was tired of missing out on my life. I made a terrifying decision to leave a company after almost 6 years and it was the best thing I could of done for myself and my relationships. If I could give anyone advice, it would be to take that leap of faith in yourself. You might be surprised to see who is actually in your corner and cheering you on!