About the Business

Sugaring is a softer approach to hair removal. Similar to waxing, sugaring removes body hair by quickly pulling the hair from the root. However, by using an organic paste made from sugar, water, and lemon, the hair removal process is less painful and gentler on skin. If you are sick of shaving, have issues with skin sensitivities, ingrown hairs, or just want a more comfortable hair removal experience, I urge you to try sugaring.

Joani Schoultz

Hello! I am the owner and operator of Sugar Cane Full Body Sugaring. I became a certified sugaring practitioner in August 2021 after many years of struggling with my own ingrown hairs and only having success with sugaring. I have operated out of my licensed and registered home-based studio ever since. I am passionate about creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for my clients as well as assisting them in the management of ingrown hairs and other skin issues.