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Suzanne Anton Leadership Coaching & Governance Consulting

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110 Sinclair Crescent

Saskatoon, SK S7V 0E4

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Website: www.suzanneanton.com

About the Business

Suzanne Anton Leadership Coaching & Governance Consulting offers a wide range of services to support organizations and professionals looking to embrace a new paradigm of work. Leadership Coaching services such as 1:1 coaching, leadership team development, team dynamics assessments, and workshops/retreats focus on nurturing conscious leadership qualities, such as self-awareness, authenticity, and empathy. Governance Consulting services such as governance assessments, policy and process development, board education, and board report training help businesses integrate their corporate values and stakeholder engagement learnings into their governance models, fostering more purpose-driven decision-making and sustainable organizational cultures.

Suzanne Anton

Suzanne is a leadership coach and governance consultant re-shaping corporate cultures from the top down. After navigating the diverse terrains of marketing, law, finance, and corporate governance, Suzanne brings a multifaceted perspective to her work. Specializing in strategic governance and authentic leadership, her coaching and consulting practice supports executive teams and boards who are ready to embrace the new paradigm of work. 

Already a trained coach, Suzanne’s commitment to excellence is underscored by her membership with the International Coaching Federation, where she is pursuing her Associate Certified Coach credential. Suzanne also proudly serves on the Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC) and Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation (CUDGC) Boards of Directors.

Recognized for steering boards toward peak performance and nurturing leaders to their utmost potential, her strategic vision, business and legal acumen, and coaching philosophy remain at the heart of her success.