About the Business

Ever notice how you feel while receiving an amazing hug? We experience a rush of “Feel Good” Hormones!

SyNK’s Weighted Therapy products create a similar sensation by incorporating that soothing weight, appealing to our sense of touch and allowing us to sink a little deeper, so we can achieve homeostasis (aka. Get back in sync). Sink + Sync = SyNK

We believe the secret to living a healthy, happy, balanced life… is living a life in SyNK.

BEING is just as important as doing.

We are here to show you how…

SyNK offers a variety of Wellness classes, workshops, retreats and MORE!

visit our website: www.synkwellness.com

Michelle Braaten

Meet Michelle Braaten! Wellbeing Counsellor by day, Registered Yoga & Meditation Instructor by night… and the proud owner of SyNK Wellness! SyNK is not only a Lifestyle Brand but offers a collection of weighted therapy products which are 100% handcrafted using upcycled materials. Michelle has a wealth of knowledge and over a decade of experience in the Health & Wellness industry working with thousands of individuals from varying demographics and bringing Wellness into the workplace offering classes to a variety of businesses. She has seen her fair share of imbalances… that was, until she began helping people to SyNK inward, so they could better perform outward! Visit her website, www.synkwellness.com to learn more about her mission, view our Weighted Wellness products, attend a workshop and more!