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About the Business

THE ADMIN GAP® finds and fixes the admin gaps for small business owners who want clean, efficient, and effective business processes. Too many owners struggle in trying to do it all. I review and overhaul the biggest issues to bring clarity and joy back to business.

Linda Yip

Linda Yip is an author, storyteller, and speaker who has been invited to speak at businesses, colleges, non-profits, and societies in Canada and the United States. She’s been featured on multiple occasions on CBC Radio; newspapers such as the Toronto Sun, Sing Tao Daily, and The Tyee; on TV; and on live international social media events. She’s written and performed stories onstage in Calgary and in Saskatoon. She is an entrepreneur with two businesses: THE ADMIN GAP®, working with entrepreneurs who need process solutions for out-of-control businesses; and as a professional genealogist. She is a member of the Ancestry Canada Advisory Board, and her blog,, has been read by over 180,000 people in 182 countries. She is the author of “Getting started in Chinese genealogy” and “The quick start scanning handbook.”