About the Business

My purpose is elevating others through the power of their own personal and corporate story.

What I have found is that many businesses know they have a purpose. But few know how that purpose gives them a competitive edge. Connecting personal purpose and corporate purpose becomes an unstoppable force for good.

[Finding / Knowing / Zeroing in on] purpose is the most rewarding way to make a business more competitive. It creates a riveting story eager to be told. It invigorates teams. It attracts customers and employees. It assures that the business stays in business. And it keeps teams on track, motivated and fulfilled – so they can continue to effect great change.

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Janet Lee

Janet Lee is the founder of the Story co, PurposeBrand and The StorySchool. She has over 20 years’ experience as a brand and marketing strategist with a passion for helping businesses grow by connecting them with their brand story in a powerfully, strategic way. Janet believes your story is what make you irresistible to your community and is your most valuable differentiator.     Janet is also an internationally certified corporate and personal brand consultant and strategist helping entrepreneurs, executives and teams understand that living with purpose and leading with purpose increases individual and team engagement and is the lynchpin for acquiring and retaining the right talent.     Janet’s first business was Starstruck Enterprises Inc. An award winning manufacturer, exporter, and retailer of women’s clothing sold to 370 stores in the United States and 120 stores across Canada as well as having a bricks and mortar store.

Janet has been featured in Canada Business, is a past recipient of the Saskatchewan Dream Award, Firstbrook Casey Scholarship, and one of Canada’s top 100 Influential Women in Sport. Janet has served as a Director of the Canadian Apparel Federation, President of the Saskatchewan Apparel and Textile Federation, AVP of Sport for the Canada Games, Director, Hospitals of Regina and held numerous other volunteer roles.

The common thread that ties together her body of work is her unwavering dedication to making success possible for others and understanding that success demands courage, tenacity, stamina and heaps of good humour. She is an incurable optimist.