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About the Business

We manage the most important asset a company has – its employees. It is our mission to help as many local businesses by providing the intrinsic foundation for establishing human resource management practises. Our proven methods not only protect your business from liabilities, these methods reduce time scarcity and stress managers face when handling employee relations.

We create the perfect foundation for human resource best practices for small and medium sized businesses who do not have a formal HR department. Trusted HR Solution’s goal is to build the basics any growth-minded business will need to thrive when they are ready to begin expanding their businesses.

Our “On-Call HR Dept” is Trusted HR Solution’s next-level, sought after professional “Out of House HR Department” service. This service offers your small or medium sized business the expertise you need to develop your company’s human resource best practices. From creating all of your onboarding/offboarding documents, to developing your policy and procedure manual, or creating and implementing quarterly employee performance reviews, we take care of anything and everything that you want from a human resource department on a retainer basis.

Project Based services are demanded by small business owners in many industries. This service offers expert human resource solutions for small business projects with quick turnaround and short deadlines. It is your “quick-fix” solution to your human capital demands that doesn’t necessarily require long-term expert consulting.

Vanessa Gerard

Vanessa is a proud Metis entrepreneur and human resource consultant. She specializes in working with metis and indigenous small businesses in Saskatchewan. She found a way to fulfil her passion of helping people by developing a career and business dedicated to providing critical HR support for small businesses. She has 8 years of combined experience in Human Resources and Business Administration. Vanessa graduated from the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology with a diploma in Human Resource Management as well as Praxis School of Entrepreneurship where she earned a certificate in Small Business Development. As the CEO and Senior Consultant at Trusted HR Solutions, she is passionate about supporting small business and entrepreneurship – not only in the Saskatchewan business community, but also in the metis and indigenous business sector as well. She actively contributes her ideas and opinions to metis and indigenous economic development and plans to continue doing so in the future as she gains more insight from working with the community and its members. Trusted HR Solutions was built purely from hard work, persistence and passion. Vanessa poured her entire being into developing Trusted HR Solutions from the ground up and she made sure that her business had strong values. She is proud to tell the other entrepreneurs about the barriers she overcame when starting a career in business and how she overcame them as an indigenous female.