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Tubes Canada Innovations Inc.

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Website: www.tubescanada.ca

About the Business

Tubes® Canada Innovations Inc has a revolutionary, unique quality hand warmer that can be used by a wide variety of people in innumerable scenarios. The Tubes® Canada Sport design is a hand warmer, but also functions as a seat cushion, neck or back support, and travel pillow. This product is ideal for sports lovers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, travelers, and more.
Tracey Goldade is the company’s owner. The company’s headquarters are located in Corman Park, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Tracey Goldade

Tubes® Canada Owner and CEO, Tracey Goldade, is mom to four children, who were all involved in outdoor and cold weather sports. For many years, Tracey’s fight with the Canadian winter elements – trying to stay warm while watching her kids play football and hockey prompted her to invent a product that would allow her to focus on her kids rather than the cold, and her cold hands. Tracey designed Tubes® Sport with versatility. Tracey’s vision for Tubes® Canada is to HELP MAKE LIFE A LITTLE MORE COMFORTABLE while enjoying the many benefits as a sport fan, outdoor activity and travel.