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About the Business

Veracity Planning Solutions Inc. focuses on the following three areas:

· Statutory Plan Preparation
· Land Use and Development Approvals
· Bylaw Amendments
· Subdivision Approvals
· Appeal Submissions
· Master Plan Preparation
· Regional Plans
· Public Engagement

· Interim and Retainer Executive Support
· Mentoring
· Program Area Reviews
· Grants and Incentive Creation and Reviews
· Business Planning
· Project Management
· Public Policy Development

· Boundary Alterations
· Memorandums of Understanding
· Municipal Servicing Agreements
· Facilitation

Diana Hawryluk

Diana is a registered professional planner with 25 years of experience and is the Principal of Veracity Planning Solutions Inc. Her career has focused on land use planning and development, public policy, governance and inter-jurisdictional negotiations. Having worked for all three levels of Government in Canada as well as internationally, Diana has gained a reputation as being a trusted advisor who brings a collaborative and facilitative approach to any project team. Her successful innovative solutions and attention to detail allow her to meet project objectives in a timely manner. During her career, Diana has headed multi-disciplinary teams working on complex regional, rural and urban development projects, included large scale commercial, residential and industrial developments. She has been involved with and written numerous statutory planning documents which have included extensive consultation and facilitation with affected stakeholder groups, government officials and the community. A number of these projects have received awards and recognition for their contribution in the advancement of excellence in planning. Diana is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in Regional and Urban Development and has obtained leadership certificates from the University of Regina and Queens University and has co-authored the curriculum for the University of Alberta’s Rural Land Use Planning course.