About the Business

Waggle Mail is a Saskatchewan-based, female owned, digitally-led DTC brand that has entered the market with a quarterly dog subscription box that contains vet-curated products and information to empower pet parents.

Being the first and only veterinary box to be launched in Canada, Waggle Mail is disrupting the industry by doing curation at scale. Their data centric model is fueling innovation in the huge, growing, resilient and global industry that is pet care e-commerce.

With a strong vision and talented entrepreneurial team, Waggle Mail is building a global community of empowered dog owners taking the best care of their dogs.

Dr. Christine Beck

Dr. Christine Beck is the President and CEO of Tree Line Pet Wellness Corp. and the founder of Waggle Mail, a vet-curated dog subscription box full of purpose, not filler. Christine is a passionate visionary with business sense and grit. She is no stranger to business development and the startup world, and is a successful business owner in multiple industries, from dealerships and automotive financing companies to her locum veterinary practice. She is passionate about advocating for the health and wellbeing of animals, and has creatively blended that with her skills and experience in finance and business.

“My vision for Waggle Mail has always been to prioritize health, wellness and excellent customer care. I want our members to feel like they’re part of something special. A community. A family. A pack.”