About the Business

Wheat Bags by T was established October 2018 and is locally owned and operated in Saskatoon, SK. A Wheat Bag is also known as a Therapy Bag, Hot Pack, Cold Pack, etc. Made with cotton flannel and Canadian prairie wheat, you can heat up in the microwave or put in freezer and use as a cold pack; apply to wherever therapy is needed (reduce swelling, cramps, sore neck, etc.). What makes us unique is that all our bags have a removable, washable cover and the inside bag (for our bigger sizes) is sewn in sections to give maximum hot/cold therapy.

Terrilyn Nelson

I have had some sort of Therapy Bag my whole life; used them for various injuries, recovery, relaxation, etc.  I could not find a Therapy Bag that lasted longer than a year.  Instead of continuing a tedious search for a higher quality bag that would last longer, I decided to make them myself.  Through trial and error, we have made a high-quality bag that lasts a minimum of 3 years. I hope you enjoy our Wheat Bags as much as we do for all your hot/cold therapy needs!