About the Business

At Wootton Farms, animal health and happiness is put first. Leah and Mitchell believe in raising their animals as close to their natural, instinctive, wild life as possible by letting their animals roam the land freely, and giving them a natural healthy diet.
Wootton Farms mission is to raise thriving livestock that are able to express their pure animal instincts, while using sustainable farming practices to rejuvenate the land and improve our environment. Leah and Mitchell hope to educate others about their way of doing agriculture, and strengthen the connection between local farming and consumers. They hope to make an impact in the lives of those in surrounding communities through their sustainable and ethical farming practices, and delivery of delicious, wholesome food.

Leah Japp

Wootton Farms located near Lumsden, Saskatchewan is a small family run farm owned by Leah and Mitchell. Leah’s love for animals and Mitchell’s background in farm life and agriculture have made them the perfect pair to raise happy, healthy animals. After moving to a small acreage and purchasing their first pair of sheep in 2014, Leah, Mitchell and their three children, fell head over heels for rural farm life as they continued to grow their family of livestock. In 2018 they moved to their new home which now houses over 70 ewes, 60+ hens, several pigs as well as a llama, and a bountiful number of barn cats.