About the Business

Zap Branding is a brand training academy & agency located in Saskatoon, SK. Formerly known as Zap Creative, we’ve had the privilege to develop brands for businesses in many industries across Canada. Each of them has seen success by setting a firm foundation with an effective strategy and visual identity to attract their ideal clientele. These same principles and collective experience are integrated into all of our training to help you grow your business. We empower business owners, marketing coordinators, and entrepreneurs to unlock the power of their brands to achieve ongoing success and the results they desire. Rooted in positivity and growth, Zap’s team is filled with talented, like-minded individuals that energize and enable each other to succeed. Their goal is to make every client shine bright amongst competitors to attract their target audience, while aiming to provide the best customer experience possible.

Hannah Wheeler

Hannah is the vibrant Founder, Brand Coach, and Strategist at Zap. She has a visual communications degree from the Alberta University of the Arts and 9 years of experience working with over 100 brands. She is a lightning rod of ideas with a passion to ignite your brand and will help you stand apart to grow your business.