Our Team

Empowered People Empower People.

We have a good feeling about you, and our team of qualified professionals are in your corner whenever you need them. Their valuable insight, expert business advice for entrepreneurs, and lived experience will help you start, grow, or scale your business. We love a good success story.

Meet the WESK Team

Meet the team committed to making your dreams a reality. With offices in Regina and Saskatoon, these wonderful, like-minded individuals work hard to keep our organization running province-wide, so you can continue to connect, grow, and flourish.

Miriam Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Cara Cote

Client Services Manager

Heather Blouin

Special Projects Manager

Michael Betteridge

Brand Manager

Kristen Murphy

Brand Manager (Mat Leave)

Amanda Parkinson

Business and Human Resource Advisor

Chinwe Umejiego

Lending Advisor

Brittany Eberle

Lending Advisor (Mat Leave)

Oluwatoyin Fatoyinbo


Jaimie Polsom

Operations Support

Tanya Blake

Program Lead

Jodi Macmillan, CPA, CMA


Alauna Whelan

Business Advisor

Stephanie Smith

Program Lead (Mat Leave)