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Charter Champion of the Month: Co-operatives First

We are pleased to welcome Co-operatives First as a proud champion of the Saskatchewan Women Entrepreneurship Charter. By signing the Charter, Co-operatives First is committing to advancing gender parity and equality through economic activity. Co-operatives First is a remarkable Saskatchewan-based organization that promotes and supports business development in rural and Indigenous communities across western Canada. The co-operative model allows individuals set up a business or organization, and work with like-minded people towards a common goal.

Executive Director, Audra Krueger, understands firsthand the need to support women in business. “Women are often central to the creation and success of co-operative businesses. I’ve been watching this trend unfold across western Canada and I’m happy to support these dedicated women as they innovate and build the economy,” shared Audra.

Signing on to the Charter was critical to Co-operatives First, as it was important for them to evaluate how well they are supporting women entrepreneurs within the community. The Charter has also encouraged them to measure how they are supporting female employees, as well as the service providers they hire. The Charter has enabled Co-operatives First to hold themselves accountable by setting intentions and backing them with measurable goals.

Currently, Co-operatives First is working on “Principle 3: Share Skills with Her” by prioritizing professional development for female employees. In addition to supporting continued skill development as well as leadership training, Co-operatives First is looking to “Principle 4: Shatter a Ceiling” by helping to equip women to take on more leadership roles.

At their core, Co-operatives First hopes to help communities build new businesses, grow local economies, and support community development. By signing the Charter, they are committing to help advance gender parity and equality in Saskatchewan.

About the Saskatchewan Women Entrepreneurship Charter

The Saskatchewan Women Entrepreneurship Charter is an initiative launched by WESK to address the gender entrepreneurship gap in our province. The charter is comprised of four principles to provide guidance and examples as to how you and your organization can best support local women-owned businesses.

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