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Charter Champion of the Month: WOW Factor Media

WESK is delighted to present WOW Factor Media as one of our influential Charter Champions. As a business leader herself, CEO Ashley Drummond understands the importance of breaking down barriers for women within the entrepreneurial space. Ashley wants to leverage her experience to help other women-owned businesses and future entrepreneurs reach their goals.

The WOW Factor Media team has quickly become one of Saskatchewan’s leading social media marketing firms, specializing in strategic online marketing services, web design and development, graphic design, and full-scale marketing plans. They serve small and medium size businesses, as well as public and private organizations throughout Western Canada.

As a proudly woman-led and majority women-owned and operated business, Ashley is committed to moving the needle forward to improve the gender entrepreneurship gap within Saskatchewan. “Every day, I am inspired by the talents, smarts, and hustle of Saskatchewan’s business leaders. Wow Factor Media is majority women-owned and operated and our stakeholders are huge advocates for diversity and inclusion in all facets of business, so supporting this initiative was an easy yes for us.”

Signing on to the Charter directly aligns with Wow Factor Media’s beliefs. They believe that success in business should be a result of hard work and great services, and that gender should have no consequence on one’s opportunities.

As a Charter Champion, Wow Factor Media is doing their part to push for higher diversity and inclusion in business ownership and entrepreneurship by including the Charter’s four key principles into their corporate values. Currently, they have begun working on “Principle 3: Share Skills with Her” by volunteering their time to WESK’s All Access program to help women in business with their marketing needs. Wow Factor Media is also working on how they can integrate “Principle 2: Amplify Her Voice” into their own marketing plan by using their brand strength and large social media audiences to help other women entrepreneurs shine online.

“We believe that by committing to the Charter, we can do our part to help build the confidence and strength of women entrepreneurs throughout the province,” said Ashley.

By signing the Charter, WOW Factor Media hopes their support may strengthen and grow the woman owned business community, so that one day gender can disappear as an indicator of opportunities and success in business. As a family owned and operated business, and proud members of WESK’s The Exchange, Wow Factor Media has seen firsthand what women in business can do when given the chance to shine and reach their full potential.

About the Saskatchewan Women Entrepreneurship Charter

The Saskatchewan Women Entrepreneurship Charter is an initiative launched by WESK to address the gender entrepreneurship gap in our province. The charter is comprised of four principles to provide guidance and examples as to how you and your organization can best support local women-owned businesses.

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