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10 Actionable Web Design Tips for Startup Business Websites

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Building an online presence is vital for many startups. For one, it allows your business to expand its reach. Second, it will enable you to attract people who are interested in what your startup has to offer.

However, building an online presence does not end with having a website. You need to ensure that your website is engaging enough that it will attract your visitor’s attention. So much so that they are compelled to take action.

This is where web design can be helpful.

As we all know, colors and images can evoke emotions. As such, here are ten actionable web design tips that you can follow:

Keep Your Design Simple
What type of services you offer on your startup website doesn’t matter. It’s all about how you can market the simplicity of your site.

Simplicity is adapting the minimalist approach that allows your site to look more professional. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on a one-page site or creating a multiple-page site.

You should also know how to use these fonts on single or multiple pages. Using a variety of fonts can destroy the impression that you’re trying to make with your audience.

Optimize for Mobile Experience

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Mobile responsiveness is crucial if you want your site to be effective. Do you know that approximately one-third of American adults do their shopping using their mobile devices?

That’s why your mobile site must offer users a positive experience.

If prospects land on your mobile site but have difficulty consuming your content, they will hit the back button without warning. Too much bouncing off and can lead to lower search engine ranking.

The lower your website’s search engine ranking, the fewer visitors you can attract. Thus, your site’s mobile responsiveness can make or break your startup.

Make it Easy to Find
As related to the previous point, you need to choose a domain that matches your company’s name or might describe your business somehow. It’s even possible to have multiple site domains.

This also means that you should be implementing the best SEO practices for your startup’s website. This includes conducting keyword research, optimizing your content, and incorporating email and social media.

Create Clear and Clean Navigation
When people find your site, they should be able to look for the information they’re looking for as quickly as possible.

At Sytian Web Developer Philippines, we believe that a clean site structure is one of the best ways to organize your navigation.

Making good navigation after your site is already made up can be challenging and even lead to confusion.

That’s why you must set up a straightforward menu on your site which will link back to all the significant areas. That way, users will know where they want to go simply by looking at the menu.

Keep Things Structured
Your site visitor’s primary goal is to get a task done as quickly as possible.

A well-structured site makes that possible. There are a lot of elements that allow a site to look organized:

● A menu that contains all the links to the pages of your startup site.
● The information shows in a clear and concise manner
● No big chunks of texts; use big fonts and bullet points for relevant information.

Display a Compelling Call to Action (CTA)
Your site is like your online salesman because it’s there to generate more leads for your business. One of the ways that you can do that is to have a solid call to action (CTA.)

Usually, one of the best CTAs out there gives prospects a reason to take the next step and purchase what you’re selling.

Examples of great incentive-based CTAs include:

● Get in touch with us today for a free consultation
● New customers get a 15 percent discount on their next purchase.
● $50 off your next purchase using this printable coupon!

Post Engaging Content
Whether it’s publishing blog posts, images, videos, and other types of content, make sure that your message stays true to your brand.

It also helps you include a video on your site as these can help persuade most people to purchase.

Also, in this digital age, your customers tend to have short attention spans. That’s why you must get your point across in a specific timeframe.

If your customers feel that your content is too long and drawn out, they’ll stop engaging entirely. To improve your website’s page speed, choosing a good web host is also important.

Incorporate Social Media

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You should not underestimate what social media can do for your startup. That said, ensure that your site and social media pages go hand in hand to achieve your goal.

Usually, social sharing buttons, social icons, social feeds, and so much more help boost your online popularity. That’s why these elements are also essential for your web design.

Show Testimonials
You might not work with big names in your industry yet, but it’s all going to be a matter of time.

When you can satisfy your customers, it will be easy to give a raving client testimonial. Thus, you should ensure only to provide the best. That way, you can ask for positives reviews that you can showcase on your website.

In the end, testimonials can come in handy in encouraging site visitors to turn into paying customers.

Pay Attention to Site Load Times
People tend to be impatient these days, especially if they’re browsing sites that have slow loading times. Slow loading times can also hurt your conversions or get people to purchase your products and services in the long run.

If your site design is filled with graphics, ensure that you have the appropriate bandwidth and hardware infrastructure to support these. You should also compress them so as not to slow down your website’s page loading speed.

Over to You
When designing a website for your startup, keep in mind that how it looks can impact conversions. And by “conversion,” we mean investments and client subscriptions.

Try to incorporate the web design tips listed above so that you can reach out to more new customers and kickstart your venture. Good luck!

Kenneth Sytian 

Kenneth Sytian is the Owner and CEO of Sytian Productions Ecommerce Website Designer Philippines. He has been designing websites and developing web apps for more than a decade. He is the driving force behind the company and influencer in the industry of web design and development in the Philippines.

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