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9 Liabilities that Spook Plan Administrators

1. The frightening LATE APPLICANT – risk of employee (or dependant) application REJECTION due to Medical Evidence requirement for late applicants.  
2. The chilling consequences of the UNDER-INSURED – with failure to report income changes, failure to apply for NEM excess coverage, or having Maximums too low comes the risk of inadequate coverage in the event of disability claims.
3. The creepy X-BENEFICIARY – without keeping an up-to-date beneficiary name on file, you risk your life insurance claim being paid to an old Beneficiary.
4. The forbidden PREMIUM PAYMENT for a terminated employee – with failure to check your billing statement for current employee listings, you risk paying for unnecessary premium.
5. The haunting WAIVED BENEFITS – when an employee waives their Health and Dental plan, they risk being unable to get back on.    
6. The dreadful TAXES – when your cost share is set up incorrectly from a taxation standpoint, you risk an unexpected tax bill from CRA.
7. The terrified TERMINATED EMPLOYEE – when you offer your terminated employee benefits on severance, you must confirm with your provider that they will allow it, or you risk big liability.  
8. The alarming LEAVE OF ABSENCE POLICY – you risk failure to comply with legal compliance of provincial and federal laws when you do not have a policy for leaves of absence such as disability or maternity leave in place.  
9. The startling SKYROCKETING COSTS of prescription drugs – you risk straining your plan without a preferred pharmacy network.  

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