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Audra Hill, Farmer John’s, Emerald Park

Audra Hill owned her first business at the age of 16: a small concession stand and water toy rental at Regina Beach. She loved the feeling of hard work and independence.  After working in corporate rolls for the past 10+ years, she wanted something closer to home and in her community, where she could build something and solve a problem!

The rise of COVID brought several challenging grocery supply chain issues. Having previously formed relationships with local food producers, she knew many who were close by and felt it was important for those in their community to feel comfortable knowing where their food was coming from. From this, Farmer John’s was born. 

Farmer John’s aims to provide residents of the community with access to high-quality, nutritious, locally grown food. Farmer John’s will help connect people with their producers and help customers understand the value of strengthening the local economy by purchasing local goods. This partnership will not only help local producers grow their business in the province but will also play a central role in creating an important food system and fostering an economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable community.

Q. How did you come up with the name for your company? 

My husband’s name is Jon and we’ve been jokingly calling him Farmer John for years.  Farmer John has a familiar feeling and a relatable, trustworthy ring to it.

Q. How has your business changed since you opened it?

We are constantly adapting and trying new things.  I have so many “to dos” and ideas that I’ve lost count, but I know that I have to focus and perfect one thing before moving onto the next!

Q. What do you feel is your greatest strength in your business?

Our sense of community and trust that we’ve built with local businesses, our schools, and population.  People love coming in to chat about the local food economy and the challenges they’re having; we love to help find them the answer!

Q. How has WESK supported you on your entrepreneurial journey?

WESK has opened up a community that I never thought I’d have.  The level of support whether it’s a familiar person at an event who can help solve a problem, or coming into the support and supporting us; the whole WESK Community has been amazing.  WESK has also provided professional services support that I needed the most when getting the doors open!

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to share about your entrepreneurial journey?

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy but it’s so rewarding!  Self-doubt can sneak in and try to derail you but I’ve found that building relationships with my cheerleaders has helped so much!  “Just keep swimming” has often been a motto when things get difficult but I know I can only keep going in order to be successful!

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Audra Hill, Farmer John’s

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