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Building Confidence for Female Investors

In this webinar, participants will:

· Stocks/ETFs, mutual funds, hybrid equities, hybrid fixed income

· Solutions to lower your income tax or increase your tax returns

Presented By: Jennifer Glabus

In 2017 my own journey with navigating a difficult separation started. Like most people in this position, it wasn’t the legalities that caused the drama and stress – it was the money. This experience prompted my move to the investment industry, to become an Investment Advisor and a life insurance agent. The past six years have been life changing in more ways than one. I am in a position where I can transfer my life lessons and professional growth to support and empower other people dealing with these tough life challenges and transitions. There’s an advantage to being a career minded single mom of three school age kids with real life experience. I don’t take life or success for granted.

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