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Community-Based Marketing

Starting out your entrepreneurship journey comes with many hats. Owner, Operator, Employer, Head of Sales, Accountant and Marketer. It’s a well known fact that marketing is one of the most important keys to building your business beyond the product/service itself. Sticking out of the crowd is of utmost importance. Creating ways to gain clientele and retain clientele is top of mind, especially in a customer/member facing business. So what does community have to do with this?

Without your community, your business cannot grow, expand or thrive. Without your community geographically as well as your online presence, your support as a business shrinks. So, how can we grow our businesses for profit while ensuring that we give back to our community?

Presented By: Sara Gallagher, Partner/Marketing Director/Client Relations, Save Locale

Sara has a broad background in both marketing as well as the non-profit, charitable organization and community initiatives sector. By combining both passions, Sara is currently a partner with Save Locale, a company who’s foundation is a combination of community involvement as well as marketing.

Having 15 years of employment in the non-profit and charitable organization sector, Sara has learned that marketing your organization or business is not only a continuous journey but a unique one, to ensure that your business stands out.

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