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Conscious Leadership – Becoming the Leader You are Meant to be

Join us and Paula Haubrich and learn how to become the leader you are meant to be.

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Webinar Description

Most of us believe good leadership to be made up of a specific set of character traits and habits that we see modeled in the great leaders around us, and that we should learn and put these traits and habits into practice in our lives. Looking externally to others for what we need to do to become a great leader may give us short-term success, but most will fall back into old patterns of behaviour. In this webinar, you will learn why that is, and how you can create meaningful and impactful relationships with the people you lead.


Meet the Presenter

Paula is Leadership Coach who creates lasting leadership and engagement by inspiring purpose-driven, determined leaders who live consciously, love more, and lead greatly. After 8 years as an Internal Communications and Human Resources Professional, she started her career as a coach to help others reach their full potential by leading themselves first and become great leaders for others.



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