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Crafting Great Web Content

People visit your website to find your content. As much as a beautiful design helps improve your image, the content is the most important part of a site. Plus, great content boosts SEO so that you can rank higher in search results. Help your audience find your page and get what they want by following these guidelines.

Know Your Objectives

Before you write, make sure you know why you’re doing it. Objectives help you tailor content to your audience’s needs. You’ll set objectives when you develop a content strategy. You should also know the objective for each piece of content you create.

Keep It Concise

People using websites don’t read, they scan. Let them find what they need by writing short, clear sentences. Paragraphs should also be brief. Don’t be afraid to write single-sentence paragraphs if needed. Images or videos can help with this if they don’t take away from your writing.

Use Headings

Break up your writing with headings so readers can scan it. That way, they can find relevant content quickly.

Write Simply

Be Hemingway, not Shakespeare; write for a Grade 6 reading level. Ease of reading is a better measure of quality than fancy words. Writing concisely and using headings will also help you keep content simple.

Write For Humans, Not SEO

Write naturally instead of keyword stuffing. Google understands the meaning of your writing. If you distort your writing for search engines, you’ll do yourself and your audience a disservice. There are better ways to improve your SEO.

Empathize With Your Audience

Most websites get more mobile traffic than desktop traffic. Mobile users are often distracted, so content needs to be easy to find and to understand. Test your content on mobile devices to confirm you’re following these guidelines.

If you plan out and create your content so that it’s easily consumed, your audience will thank you. Not only that, but you’ll also rank higher in search engines. Great content is a key part of maintaining a meaningful, effective online presence.

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