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From an Idea to the Kitchen: The Prairie Grazer Story (Business Growth Luncheon Series)

In the summer of 2020, Meghan travelled to Tofino, BC for a family vacation. While she was there, she stumbled across a great little charcuterie shop that allowed customers to pickup grab and go charcuterie boxes to take to the beach. Meghan thought this was a great idea and knew that this was exactly the type of business Saskatoon had been missing.

Once she returned home she approached Cristie, an avid supporter of all things local, with the idea and she immediately jumped on board. The two spent the next few weeks researching local products they could feature and making connections within the community. After a ton of research, planning, and lessons about working in the food industry, The Prairie Grazer was born!

The Prairie Grazer supports local businesses in the Saskatoon community through their marketplace, featuring items that are typically included in the grazing boxes. Beyond this, they offer workshops and events, bringing people together to gather, graze, and build connections.

The Prairie Grazer is reinventing what it means to gather and share a meal. Food is something that brings us all together and if we can all come together to graze, whether virtually or in-person, and celebrate the amazing local businesses within our community, everyone wins!

Join us to hear Meghan & Cristie’s journey.

Presented By: Meghan Hawkins and Cristie Zyla of The Prairie Grazer

The Prairie Grazer creates unique charcuterie experiences through hand-crafted artisan boxes and grazing tables featuring local products and ingredients. The business began in September 2020 with the goal of supporting local businesses who may be struggling through the pandemic. Meghan and Cristie have a passion for promoting the incredible products that businesses in the local community have to offer! When they aren’t at The Prairie Grazer, Meghan and Cristie live full lives, working full-time careers and spending time with their young children. Their business provides a creative outlet for the duo to not only share their love of local, but to do so in a beautiful way.

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