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Growth from the Fire

The impact of the pandemic on business has been profound and devastating. After decades of aggressive economic expansion in North America, dramatic changes in consumer, government, and organizational behaviour resulted in a compressed pullback that exposed weaknesses in the engine that drives our economy and laid bare the challenges that come with the relentless pursuit of growth. Jeffrey will explore how businesses that rethink their approach to growth will be best positioned to succeed in a post-pandemic world.

Presented By: Jeffrey Boutilier, President & Chief Strategist at Ascent Strategy

Jeff has been reaching new heights for more than a decade – literally. As an experienced mountaineer, Jeff has scaled high-altitude peaks and he’s recently found a second home in the sky as a recreational pilot. His passion for adventure led him to the greatest journey on earth: entrepreneurship.

As Ascent Strategy’s Founder & Chief Strategist, Jeff’s task is to channel a client’s passion, creativity, and know-how into a business that can win. Jeff created Ascent to change the game and his approach is unabashedly unique. His honesty is incisive and his charisma invites candor from everyone he meets. While seemingly unconventional, Jeff designed Ascent around the leading science in management theory and he is constantly adapting Ascent’s methods to remain firmly based in the science of strategy.

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