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How to Tap into Media and Public Relations

Media and public relations is the most successful method of communicating your value to those around you. Even with the rise of social media, you still need a great story, connections, and a strategy to stand out from everyone else. This presentation will teach you how public relations is different from advertising, and guide you through social media communications and how to reach journalists and garner attention for your target audience.

Learning Objectives 

  1. How to maintain a positive public image of your business to the public
  2. What you can do right now to gain some positive exposure for your brand
  3. How PR can help legitimize your brand in a way that advertising cannot achieve by positioning the brand/person as an expert
  4. How to get creative in your messaging

Presented By: Eva Shortt, Founder and Publicist of Zahav PR 

Social worker and mom Eva Shortt started an event-based company for moms in 2015. With no budget, she leveraged the media to spread the word about her programs which then led to sold-out crowds. In 2018 she launched Zahav PR to help women-led businesses gain media exposure to amplify their brand and reach their target audience.

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