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Not the Same and Better – How Leaders Have Changed During the Pandemic

Leaders have changed because they did what they had to. Going into Year 2 of the pandemic, leaders at all levels from all industries have strengthened their leadership muscles through the up’s and downs of walking shoulder-to-shoulder with their teams and customers during a once-in-a-career (I hope) experience. In this webinar, Linda will share her insights gained from coaching 40 leaders, chairing 8 CEO peer group meetings, teaching 6 leadership development programs, and facilitating 4 programs virtually across Canada for Queens University IRC, and suggest new ways leaders can thrive – from CEOs to solopreneurs, from all industries, this webinar is for you.

Linda Allen-Hardisty is the President of Allen-Hardisty Leadership Group. She coaches and advises CEOs and leaders. One of her CEO clients described Linda as “Someone to asks me the tough but supportive questions; she supports my personal growth as a leader and that of my company”.  Linda has built a reputation in the business community for providing leadership and strategy expertise to CEOs, Corporate Executives and Leaders, Business Owners, Boards of Directors, and Leadership Teams.  In 2018, she was the National Award Recipient of TEC Canada’s Red Shoe Award, which recognizes someone who is innovative in their approach to supporting business leaders – What makes this Canadian award significant is that Linda is the first woman in the company’s 30-year history to be a Red Shoe recipient! She gives back to her community by being a Board Member of various organizations – currently she is on the Board of Trustees for the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina SK.

This webinar is part of the Business Growth Luncheon Series, offered in partnership with Economic Development Regina and the NSBA.

Presented By: Linda Allen-Hardisty, President of Allen-Hardisty Leadership Group

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