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Provincial Sales Tax – What You Need to Know

Most business owners understand their responsibility to collect PST on goods sold to customers but did you know that your PST obligations extend beyond this requirement?

Depending on the nature of your business and industry, you may be affected by the obligation to self-assess tax, track manufacturing overhead, or collect tax on the services provided to your customers.

This webinar provides:

  • an overview of your business’ obligations regarding PST
  • examples of how to properly apply PST
  • potential consequences if an audit were to be conducted.

All businesses with a presence in Saskatchewan are required to be registered with the Ministry of Finance and may be subject to audit at any time.

As a PST consultant and former PST auditor, I look forward to presenting this webinar and potentially assisting you in the success of your business in the future!” – Christy

Presenter: Christy Weise
Specialized PST Consultant

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