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Separation and Your Business: Protecting What Matters

You have worked hard to establish and build your business. Attend this webinar to learn a bit about how the Saskatchewan Family Property Act treats businesses when spouses separate and what proactive steps can be take to ensure the continued viability of the business.

Note: We had some audio issues within the first few minutes, it clears up after that.

Presented By: Charmain Panko, Panko Collaborative Law

Charmaine Panko is a family law lawyer and business owner in Saskatoon.
She has been a Collaborative lawyer, mediator, and arbitrator for over 15 years.
Charmaine is a sessional lecturer for the College of Law, teaching negotiation and dispute resolution processes in family law matters. Charmaine’s style is client centered, supporting people who are going through separations to develop and evaluate options for their agreements that are practical, sustainable, and specific to their individual situation. Charmaine is the founder and owner of
Panko Collaborative Law and Mediation and the CommonSense Mediation Academy.

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