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Set your goal, then MARKET LIKE MAD (March Marketing Madness)

This workshop will teach you how to keep your online marketing efforts focused, consistent, efficient and cost-effective by creating a strategic goal and a simple to follow plan that leverages your business’s website, Google my Business, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn presence.

Presented By:  Ashley Drummond, CEO of Wow Factor Media

Ashley Drummond is the CEO of Saskatchewan’s leading online marketing company Wow Factor Media. Ashley earned her Commerce degree with a double major in marketing and entrepreneurship from the University of Alberta. Ashley is constantly training to remain at the forefront of the latest marketing strategies and is one of the few agency leaders in Canada to train and work directly with a mentor from Facebook. Ashley has created award-winning campaigns and has helped hundreds of businesses achieve their goals. Ashley attributes her marketing success to learning from and leveraging the experience, passion and gut instincts of her clients.

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