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Simple IGTV Tricks To Grow Your Audience Watchtime

IGTV is the newest feature provided on Instagram, and it rocks the video-blogging industry. In simple words, IGTV is Instagram’s internal feature of YouTube. Instagram allowed its users to upload 15 – 30 seconds videos and even a minute video to the main feed. But now, to compete with YouTube, Instagram goes one step higher and brings a separate app that provides videos up to 15 minutes in length.

Immediately massive people begin to use the app finding the way for their marketing strategy. You could get everything here, from cooking videos to interview concept videos. IGTV suits vertical videos and the app won’t bring the horizontal format when you turn on the mobile device like YouTube. If you wish to record your travel videos, you need to film them twice in different types of formats, primarily vertical for IGTV and the other one for platforms like YouTube, etc.

We will provide IGTV tricks with that sweet introduction to build your audience count and watch time toward your IGTV content. Let’s jump in.

Record Vertical
As already said, IGTV only supports vertical-based video content. But you can use various screen recorders and apps to bring something that allows the horizontal video to be uploaded on IGTV, but the network is not made for that. And also. Horizontal videos look like an unprofessional version for the IGTV platform. So, it is best to take out your iPhone to film in vertical format or turn your camera to vertical if you plan to upload on IGTV.

Be Clear On The Time

You can utilize 15 minutes with IGTV, but it cuts off your IGTV video content after that second. Either recording or editing, ensure to track the time correctly so that you could fit your total video content into an upload process. A makeup tip video won’t be helpful with video cuts after half of your face is partially done.

Also, don’t split your single IGTV content into two parts. Splitting a video into two parts is helpful for short-term videos. If your video doesn’t set into 15 minutes, then your content is suitable other than the IGTV platform like YouTube, a platform of longer videos.

Cross-Promote Your Video
IGTV is perfect for community growth and marketing purposes. You can use IGTV effectively if you(photographer, blogger, content creator) are looking to develop your business or personal brand.

It is not an easy thing to get an audience to watch your IGTV video content. If you are available on different social media networks, you bring your audience through cross-promoting your video. Suppose you have a strong follower count on Instagram and a bud to IGTV. In that case, you could utilize Instagram stories or feed posts to inform your target audience about your uploaded IGTV video and to check out the video as well. Instagram stories also bring an easy way to share your IGTV videos through the “Swipe Up” feature, and this tactic helps in grabbing more likes on Instagram TV with tremendous reach. Similarly, if you have an email subscribers list, you can narrate a story about your presence on IGTV and give a clickable link directed to your IGTV page. Thus it brings more audience to your IGTV space within a short period.

Take Your Brand Throughout The Videos
As a social media user, blogger, or influencer, you want to imagine yourself as a great business. Everyone knows what a business is. But everyone will be stuck on consistent, strategy, and branding messages. Numerous bloggers upload IGTV video content with no blog logo sight, no branding, but it is perfect for bringing your brand more consistent from the viewpoint of business.

It is a quick process and simple to maintain throughout your videos. Use PowerPoint animation and photoshop together to make the introduction of video content superb. Bring the background super cool with an eye-catching brand logo at the center. And run your brand logo at the starting two seconds and ending two seconds of every IGTV video content.

And also, mention the social media handles, blog address, and Twitter space name on IGTV videos to grab more audience. Cross-promoting is the quickest and most straightforward way to bring multiple audiences to your posts.

Get To Know How To Edit Your IGTV Videos

IGTV is somewhat tricky during the editing process. You want to ensure the video type that you’re going to use before editing. For instance, if you are looking to film your purchased dress in a shop, it can be done within 15 minutes, so recording it straightforwardly is the best option. And also, various IGTV options do not fit into the 15 minutes that the platform allows.

Whether you are working with a practiced tool or any online editing tool to edit your IGTV video, ensure to speed up certain parts and cut out every unnecessary piece. For example, you can use the video editing tool to speed up the makeup tutorial video as it takes more time than 15 minutes to complete the process. In simple words, if you are filming how to put mascara for five minutes, you can cut it down to one minute to add more recorded films. Thus, the audience stays on your IGTV video more time to watch the content entirely.

Closing Note
On IGTV, you are boundless for producing the content you could create and an innovative power behind a network like Instagram. Don’t limit your videos to what you can’t and can with IGTV videos. Create IGTV content more attractively and creatively to obtain a vast audience’s attention towards your IGTV profile, and build your followers count. Are you ready to publish your IGTV video? Grab these tricks in your mind, and start ASAP!

Mary Kyle, Content Developer and Marketing Manager, Snaphappen

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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