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Story Based Branding: Capture the Meaning of Your Work

Storytelling is fundamental to how we make meaning as humans, and we’re naturally moved by stories that resonate with our core values. Rachel is a Story Strategist who leverages the power of storytelling to help entrepreneurs lay the foundations of a brand strategy.

In this webinar, Rachel demonstrates how narrative structure can be harnessed to uncover your brand’s archetype, personality, voice, and values. She also provides tips and tools for creating key messages, or “story pillars”, for your business. Come away with a clearer idea of how to communicate what matters, what’s at stake, what you want, and what it will take.

Presented By: Rachel Malena-Chan, Story Strategist, Dwell House Communications

Rachel Malena-Chan is a Story Strategist driven by a passion for the power of narrative. With nearly a decade of experience in communications, her work primarily focuses on using storytelling to engage people around social and environmental justice issues. She holds a Master’s of Science in Population Health, and her award-winning research features a framework for overcoming narrative dissonance about the climate crisis.

Rachel wears many hats, and in addition to co-owning Dwell House with her husband Wing, she serves as the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Eco-Anxious Stories, a project helping people channel uncomfortable climate emotions into meaningful action through storytelling. When they’re not busy with their many projects, Rachel and Wing can usually be found hanging out in downtown Victoria – eating, longboarding, and taking pictures.

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