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Thrive as PurposeBrand – What it Means to Let Purpose Drive Your Business

The world has changed. And it is a challenging time to be in business. Zeroing in on your business purpose can leverage your business impact and help to assure your business stays in business. Join Janet as she shares her framework and actionable steps to help you build a powerful, sustainable and profitable PurposeBrand.

Presented by: Janet Lee, President at The Story Co.

Janet Lee has over 20 years’ experience as a brand and marketing strategist with a passion for helping businesses grow by connecting them with their brand story in a powerfully, strategic way. Janet believes your story is what make you irresistible to your community and is your most valuable differentiator.

Janet is also a certified corporate and personal brand consultant helping executives and teams understand that living with purpose and leading with purpose increases individual and team engagement and is the lynchpin for acquiring and retaining the right talent.

This event is part of the Business Growth Luncheon Series provided by Economic Development Regina, NSBA, and WESK. 

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