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Venture Capital for Established Businesses

In need of some funding for your established business? Explore the websites below!

Ag-West BioTechnology Commercialization Investment Fundhttps://www.agwest.sk.ca/for-businesses/investmentOne of the most valuable services we provide is helping early stage companies become investment ready. This is a detailed process where a company works closely with Ag-West Bio management to develop a unique commercialization milestone plan. We provide input and linkages to research, market networks and funding sources, directing the companies to other services and other industry stakeholders to address gaps. 
Broad Street Bullshttps://www.broadstreetbulls.ca/We fuel the prairies’ technology sector with early-stage capital, mentorship, and support.
ConexusConexus Venture Capital Fundhttps://www.conexus.ca/about-us/contribution-to-community/growing-innovation/conexus-venture-capital-inc/
Golden Opportunities Fundhttps://goldenopportunities.ca/Golden Opportunities started more than 20 years ago as a local Retail Venture Capital (RVC) Fund for Saskatchewan people to invest at home in Saskatchewan businesses. We are your local investment opportunity.
Lex Capital Corphttp://lexcapital.ca/Lex Capital is a private equity firm that invests in high growth, resource opportunities in the Canadian energy sector.
PFM Capitalhttps://www.pfm.ca/PFM was established to provide a home grown solution to the lack of capital available for Saskatchewan businesses, aiming to provide companies with the capital required to execute their strategic goals while adding long-term value to the benefit of all stakeholders.
PIC Investment Grouphttps://www.picgroup.ca/PIC is a private equity (angel investor) that participates in minority investments to facilitate entrepreneurship and help existing businesses grow.
Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation Inc. (SIEF)www.sief.sk.ca(SIEF) was one of the first Aboriginal financial institutions in Canada to offer developmental lending to First Nation businesses in Saskatchewan.
Tribune Capitalhttps://www.tribunecapital.ca/Industry Agnostic VC providing patient, supportive and knowledge based capital
Valhalla Private Capitalhttps://www.valhallaprivatecap.com/raise-moneyValhalla Angels, We Bring Founders and Investors Together
One of Canada’s most active angel investment groups since 2003 and Canada’s 2018 & 2019 Angel of the Year.
Westbridge Capitalhttps://www.westbridgecapital.ca/Westbridge Capital is a private equity company that acquires mature operating businesses.
Westcap Mgt. Ltd. https://westcapmgt.ca/A leading private equity and venture capital Fund Manager having completed over $1 Billion in transactions in more than 200 companies.

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