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Introduction to BrandJitsu

Find, Shape, and Share Your Story

Every year in Canada 95,000 businesses start and 85,000 businesses disappear — the top five reasons for failure are cited as:

1. Lack of Planning,
2. Leadership Failure,
3. Lack of Focus (No Differentiation),
4. Ignoring Customer Needs, and
5. Poor Management.

Understanding BrandJitsu™ enables you how to find, shape, and share your unique story and gives you a strategy to address and mediate the “Top Five Reasons for Failure” and give you an excellent chance of success.

Brand is the DNA of your business—your reason for being—rippling through your entire organization informing how you act, react, and engage with everyone from customers to employees, and it all centres around your story.

“How do I find it? Does it take a lot of time, money, effort? What if I don’t have a story?”

Based on the seminal work of Keith Johnstone (Godfather of Improvisational Theatre) and 20-plus years in the trenches helping businesses communicate, BrandJitsu™ is a methodology anyone can use to quickly and effectively shape and share their brand, so everyone gets it. This will not just help you stand out from your competitors but rise far above being seen as a commodity and selling on price.

This webinar is for Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses.

Presenter: Michael Dean Dargie, Brand, Strategy, and Design Zealot, Make More Creative

Strategy. Branding. Storytelling. A creative juggernaut, writer, director, actor, improviser, emcee, host and award-winning film producer, Michael captains the creative agency MD&A Inc. — on a mission to “make more creative” — based out of Calgary, Alberta.

Michael has enjoyed work as a Starving Artist, Adult Educator, Entrepreneur, Managing Editor, Visual Communication Manager, Communications Director, Creative Director and VP of Communications for companies in Western Canada and Pacific Northwest.

He inspires audiences from small corporate groups, to theatres of hundreds in the art of thinking differently, creative communication, and brand strategy; he’s worked with countless entrepreneurs, small businesses, and dozens of Fortune 500 companies to help them shape and share their message.

Michael can be found on stage at the world-famous Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary, behind and in front of the camera with MD&A INC., and comedy team DROPBEAR & PANDA PRODUCTIONZ with Jennifer MacLean.

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