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How to Finally Succeed at Budgeting

Join us and learn from Mandyy Thomas, Financial Coach at Mandyy Thomas Coaching and learn how you can finally succeed at budgeting!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why you’ve failed at budgeting in the past
  • The important step you need to do before creating a budget
  • How to get your finances organized
  • How to budget even with a fluctuating income
  • How to create a budget for your specific lifestyle
  • How to improve your finances so you can expand your business


Presenter: Mandyy Thomas, Financial Coach at Mandyy Thomas Coaching

Mandyy Thomas is a financial coach helping individuals & couples reduce their stress & anxiety about money, to succeed with budgeting, pay off debt and improve their mental and physical health by attending to their biggest stressor – their finances!
Mandyy is not a financial advisor and does not help with investing or insurances. She will help you with managing your everyday money. When you improve your personal finances, you are able to grow your business faster, because in the beginning, you are using your personal finances to fund your business endeavour!

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