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How to Create an Online Training Program

Online courses, training, and coaching programs are more essential than ever. If this isn’t something you’ve seriously considered for your business, the whole process can be overwhelming. This webinar isn’t designed to tell you how to create an amazing course or program – there are millions of resources out there for that.

This webinar is designed to give you a guide for what tools and resources you may need to get your knowledge into the hands of your lucky students or clients – from newbies and quick solutions all the way up to established businesses with signature programs.

Presenter: Brandi Good, Founder of BLG Business Solutions

Brandi helps women entrepreneurs #GetShitDone. She loves to streamline online business activities using tech, workflows, and systems – customized to the needs, comfort level, and budget of each business owner she works with. Her signature service, Systematize Your Biz, is designed to identify the gaps in your business where tasks could be completed faster, with less frustration, or at a lower cost.  All so you can focus on what’s most important – serving your clients and making a difference in the world!

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