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Navigating Uncertain Times With Calm And Control

How do you navigate through these times of uncertainty and unpredictability? Are you feeling anxiety and stress related to having minimal control over your life, as well as your business?

It is not uncommon to feel like you have no control over your life. You may be feeling overwhelmed and finding it hard to connect with others and communicate with the people who matter the most. Join this webinar for The Unique Approach which can guide you to gain a sense of control so you can emerge better, faster and stronger than before.


Presenter: Sheila Unique, Relationship Renovator

Sheila Unique, known as the “Relationship Renovator” helps clients eliminate fear, anxiety and the physical tension that blocks you from creating the ideal relationship with yourself and others. Sheila’s unique approach starts with helping people gain awareness of what’s happening inside, in relation to what’s happening outside of them. All this empowerment flows from Sheila’s transformational work, individually or in groups, which has been at the core of her business for over 17 years. Sheila is a award winning speaker and best-selling author.


This event is part of the Business Growth Luncheon Series provided by Economic Development Regina, NSBA, and WESK. 

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