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Purpose Branding and Content Marketing

As the world becomes more connected, we’re also becoming more conscious as consumers. Purpose branding serves as a beacon to people who share your brand’s values. Every piece of content is an opportunity to show your audience how your purpose is realized through your business practices, your team, and your product. This workshop will focus on highlighting purpose through content marketing, including content creation methods and community management best practices.

Presented by: Bronwyn Stoddard, Content Director at LMNO Consulting

Bronwyn Stoddard is the Content Director at LMNO Consulting. In the past decade, she has cut her content marketing teeth through copywriting, teaching English as a foreign language, and content strategy—in short, she knows how to make people understand a message. She has guided hesitant brands into the world of social media and helped her team create content that resonates with consumers and delivers on business goals. She has yet to come across a topic that she doesn’t want to know more about.


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