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The Customer Life Cycle

From initial contact with a potential customer, through the sales process, and finally to retention and client management, we will walk through the different stages of the Customer Life Cycle together. We will discuss the importance of customer touch points, which highlight each moment a customer is required to make a decision. These crucial touch points are where a customer has either a negative or positive experience with your brand. These moments should be defined and authentic, as these are opportunities to add value to your customer’s journey.

Presenter: Preston Cicchine, Senior Marketing Advisor, William Joseph Communications

A naturally energetic and passionate person, Preston joined William Joseph 3 years ago with over 8 years of sales, management and client relations experience. Having spent 5 years in the United States and 2 years working in different countries throughout Europe, Preston has a great understanding of cultural diversity and continually draws inspiration from his experiences. A natural leader with a can-do attitude, Preston knows the ins and outs of managing client expectations and is dedicated to ensuring our clients succeed.

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