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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Maintaining Sales During COVID-19

As we all adjust to the “new norm,” many entrepreneurs are sitting at home wondering “where are my clients going to come from?” The ability to go out and meet new people, go on sales calls, and network the way you count on has been taken away from us. People are suffering and business is not as usual. However, it is crucial to take action and keep up our sales activities in order to weather this storm. Daria will join us to share a step by step strategy to keep business moving and growing while working from home.

Presenter: Daria Malin, Owner of Boost Strategic Coaching

Daria Malin is the owner of Boost Strategic Coaching and the author of the book Hands-On Marketing: The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Advertising and Branding. Daria is a strategic advisor to business owners and professionals in the areas of business development, personal branding, and advertising. Her company offers sales and marketing guidance through 1 on 1 coaching, group training, and online programs. She brings clarity to the process of building a business, and provides her clients with measurable steps to take their business to the next level.

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