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Where Does Your Business Stand with Cyber Security?

Cyber security threats continue to rise and there is no sign of slowing down. Ransomware, network vulnerabilities, malware, viruses and lack of employee education are costing businesses over $600 billion USD each year. During this free webinar, learn how to easily identify the vulnerabilities in your own organization. You will receive an easy to digest overview of the most common threats along with receiving an assessment tool kit that you can use on your own business.

Presented by: Chris Fossenier, CMO, Complete Technologies


Chris Fossenier is a father of 3, and long time resident of Saskatoon.  Chris is a Raj Manek protégé turned mentor, he believes in giving back to the community. In addition to being CMO of Complete Technologies, Chris has an interesting collection of experience spanning over 2 decades of technology, converting condos, serving in the naval reserve, holding a class 1A license, a decade of digital marketing experience, co-founder of a loyalty software platform, and even owning a bulldozer and track hoe. Today he will be providing insight into cyber security and how critical it is.

This webinar is part of the Business Growth Luncheon Series, offered in partnership with Economic Development Regina and the NSBA.


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