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Be Well to Do Well – Deepening your Wellness for Work and Life

We are living in times that require us to dig deep, and connect more fully with ourselves. The opportunity that lies within us, and before us is to access all that we are, as well as access all the tools we know and have learned in order to live more peacefully, calmly and more fully. To do well in our businesses, the call today is to ‘be’ well. First. Wendy will share the importance of ‘attention to self’, why we need to be well to do well and will share brain hacks and techniques rooted in neuroscience that will help you release stress, and deepen into a place of calm. Be well to do well.

Presented by: Wendy Turner-Larsen

Wendy is a certified professional coach, a psychologist, a brain nutritionist and a hypnotherapist and a professional speaker,  with an M.A. in Counselling/Psychology, a M.A. in Adult Education and a M.S. in Nutrition and Health Education. For almost thirty years, INTERSECT, Turner Larsen Consulting, has been bringing cutting edge leadership and transformative workshops, groups and coaching to a wide variety of businesses. Her signature program, ‘Personal Excellence for Women’, a 2 day workshop + small group sessions, provides women with the opportunity to dig deep, unravel what is not them, and to create a new path of wholeness so as to lead fully in this world. Her new book, ‘Becoming You’ for Women, a pathway to whole life living, will be released this fall. More about Wendy and her work here: www.turnerlarsen.com

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