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Business Growth Webinar: Mindful Work & How To Thrive In A WFH World

Studies show that mindfulness training strengthens our ability to concentrate, reduces anxiety, lowers stress and can even boost the immune system. Learn the difference between mindfulness and mediation and simple ways to make your life a little more mindful. During this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Why starting your day with 2-minutes of mindfulness boosts mood
  2. How to set boundaries between work and leisure (and actually stick to them)
  3. How to design your own “fake commute” and thrive
  4. Three data-backed strategies to combat Zoom fatigue, rest, and recharge
    Our classes focus on the science of mindfulness – no crystals or candles here! This session can
    be attended from the comfort of a chair, no equipment, mat or special clothing required.

Presented by: Kayla Kozan, Founder of Peak Wellness.

Born and raised in Regina, Kayla is the Founder & CEO of Peak Wellness and has over 450 hours of formal wellness training from the University of Toronto, Google’s SIY Leadership Institute, and Mindfulness Without Borders. After experiencing rock-bottom burnout herself, Kayla left her day job to make mindfulness meditation more accessible for the stressed out, burned out, working professional.

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