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Coming Together When We’re Apart (Business Growth Luncheon Series)

Peter Lucas Project Management has always had a distributed workforce, so we’ve always had to get creative when it comes to employee engagement. COVID made us take that creativity to the next level and now we’re capitalizing on what we learned during COVID to create better connections with our staff going forward. One of Peter Lucas’s missions is to positively impact the lives of our employees, families, and community. During this webinar we will share the methods we’ve used and ideas we’ve had that contribute to achieving that mission.

Presented By: Keira Sawatzky & Leah Lagacy, Peter Lucas Project Management

Keira Sawatzky
Keira Sawatzky loves to work as part of a team. When she started at Peter Lucas, out at a client mine site, she wasn’t sure how she’d be able to feel like part of the Peter Lucas team, since she wouldn’t be working with them day to day. Through employee engagement activities out of head office and suggestions back to the leadership team she built out the team at her client site and is now working on the leadership team where she uses her field experience to better improve employee engagement.

Leah Lagacy
Leah Lagacy is a career problem solver with over 20 years’ experience in event planning, public engagement, administration, and facilitation. As the Employee Experience Manager for Peter Lucas, she has taken on the challenge of fostering a culture of community to a distributed workforce…during a global pandemic. She is excited about the growing Peter Lucas leadership team and how we are working together on strategies to enhance engagement at work and the overall employee experience.

This webinar is part of the monthly Business Growth Luncheon Series, offered in partnership with Economic Development Regina and the NSBA. Due to COVID-19, the luncheon series will be offered as a webinar series until further notice. 

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