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Getting Smart About Your Money: Healing Your Money Story

One of the most important relationships we have is our relationship with money. For many of us, that relationship has not served us well. For women, in particular, we often grow up receiving messages that have taught us we are not capable of managing our own money. Our history with money – our ‘money story’ – may have been marked with feelings of inadequacy. Some of us are caught in a cycle of working harder and never seeming to get ahead. The good news is that we can heal our money story and put ourselves on the road toward financial wholeness. With new-found clarity and skills, we gain confidence, begin to find our voice, and come to understand that a commitment to ‘money work’ is indeed an act of self-care.

In this workshop, we will discuss how to:

• Identify erroneous messages about money we may have received growing up
• Write a money autobiography
• Heal your money story and create a new relationship with money
• Uncover ways we relate to money and begin to change life-long patterns that have prevented us from having the abundant life we deserve.

Presented By: Kathleen O’Grady, Financial Recovery℠ Coach, Saskatoon Money Coach 

Kathleen O’Grady is a Financial Recovery℠ Coach (saskatoonmoneycoach.com). You might also recognize her as a Saskatoon-based fashion designer. As a coach, Kathleen works with individuals to transform their relationship with money. Kathleen uses a heart-centred approach that combines learning practical financial skills with uncovering and changing life-long spending patterns that prevent us from having the abundant life we deserve. Kathleen is inspired to guide others through their money challenges from her own sense of gratitude for how this deep and personal work has transformed her life. Kathleen is currently undergoing certification by the Financial Recovery Institute in Vancouver, Washington

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